Technical and Socio-Technical Responses to Deepfakes

Generously funded by the Monash Data Futures Institute, this is a joint research program between the Faculties of Arts, Law […]

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Image Localisation by Content

One of the challenges in image processing in a law enforcement context is that of understanding spatio-temporal context. This problem […]

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Project Metior Telum

Project Metior Telum (“measure the weapon“) is a large scale AiLECS initiative to build a highly accurate automatic firearm detection system. A […]

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The VALID Project

The VALID (Veracity, Agency, Longevity and Integrity in Datasets) project is actively working on frameworks to improve data quality, ethical accountability, and public […]

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Perceptual Hashing

Effective automatic detection of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) is a continuing challenge, including the rapid detection of previously seen […]

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Academic publications
Effective, Explainable and Ethical: AI for Law Enforcement and Community Safety

Wilson, C., Dalins, J. & Rolan, G., 2020, 2020 IEEE / ITU International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Good, AI4G 2020. Piscataway NJ USA: IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, p. 186-191 6 p. 9311021


We describe the Artificial Intelligence for Law Enforcement and Community Safety (AiLECS) research laboratory, a collaboration between the Australian Federal Police and Monash University. The laboratory was initially motivated by work towards countering online child exploitation material. It now offers a platform for further research and development in AI that will benefit policing and mitigating threats to community wellbeing more broadly. We outline the work the laboratory has undertaken, results to date, and discuss our agenda for scaling up its work into the future.