Born out of research collaboration on accelerating digital forensics and countering online child exploitation, AiLECS brings together Australia’s largest university and Australia’s national police agency to research the next generation of AI for law enforcement and community safety applications.

Since its inception, AiLECS continues to broaden its portfolio. The lab continues its work in countering child exploitation but is also undertaking research in areas ranging from ethical dataset curation through to detection of illegal firearms. We invite you to explore our website to find out more about AiLECS and our mission of advancing ethical and transparent AI for keeping communities safe.

The AiLECS Lab was launched in July 2019, by AFP Deputy Commissioner (Transnational, Serious and Organised Crime) Karl Kent OAM and Monash University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Margaret Gardner AC.

Our People

Associate Professor Campbell Wilson
AiLECS Lab Co-director

Associate Professor Wilson is the Monash University Co-director of the AiLECS Lab. He undertakes research in AI and machine learning, with a particular emphasis on community safety applications. He has also undertaken research work in digital forensics, information retrieval and bioinformatics. He has held a range of senior leadership positions in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University including Associate Head of School and Associate Dean (International).

Dr Janis Dalins
AiLECS Lab Co-director

Federal Agent Dalins is the AFP Co-Director of the AiLECS lab. Since joining the AFP as an investigator in 2002, Federal Agent Dalins has worked in a variety of areas including Counter Terrorism, General Duties (Uniform) policing, airport investigations and Digital Forensics. Dr Dalins’ research work focuses upon intelligent automation within Digital Forensics, both for efficiency and examiner welfare.

Dr Gregory Rolan
Research Fellow

Dr Rolan brings a wealth of research experience in societal informatics – particularly around the theory and design of interoperable and person-centred systems that provide for authoritative information capture and organisation in support of legal, moral, and practical rights and needs of stakeholders in data and records.

Soudeh Kasiri Bidhendi
Research Officer

Soudeh develops and applies artificial intelligence to real-world problems, with a passion for verifying new concepts. Soudeh brings an amalgamation of industry and research experience to the AiLECS Lab. Her research interests include machine learning, data mining and computer vision. Soudeh is part of our team working on the technological countering of online child exploitation.

Dr Hanxian He
Research Fellow

Dr Hanxian He is experienced in 2D and 3D classification with limited training samples. To overcome the shortage of training samples caused by copyright protection, legal and security issues, Hanxian exploits open-source datasets from the source domain to improve the classification in the target domain by transfer learning/domain adaptation methods. Now Hanxian works on initiatives to fight against online child exploitation in the AiLECS lab.

Dr Antonina Lewis
Research Fellow

Dr Lewis is undertaking research and engagement on the ethical provenance and use of image datasets for machine learning. Nina has a strong track record with applied research initiatives that bring multidisciplinary lenses to social challenges, and which connect lived experience and practice-based knowledge to research and policy. She collaborates on projects that pay attention to downstream effects of data-driven technology in ameliorating or entrenching power and vulnerability, and which explore the potential for inclusive, sustainable and consentful technology.

Dr Rubina Sarki
Research Fellow
Dr Rubina Sarki has joined the AiLECS lab to work on detection and prevention of deepfakes, as part of an interdisciplinary team with the Faculties of Arts, Law and Information Technology. Rubina holds bachelor’s degree in technology (B. Tech), a master’s degree in human-computer interactionand robotics, and a Ph.D. in health data informatics.
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